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Access to some of the WCSS services is possible only via VPN (Virtual Private Networks). To use our VPN a user need to install and configure a specific client software. The below instructions are prepared for Windows operating system.

Installation of the VPN client

To use the VPN install and configure the client program:

  • go to the webpage vpn.kdm.wcss.pl and log into using your Supernova credentials (login and password)
    vpn login screen.jpg
  • download a client installer appropriate for your operating system
    vpn download screen.jpg
  • run the installer,
  • provide VPN address (Portal) - vpn.kdm.wcss.pl,
    Click on Connect.
    vpn configuration4.jpg
  • Sign In window. Write your login and password - the same as for Bem,
    vpn signin2.jpg
  • After any Windows restart click on Connect and wait.

Closing the connection

To close the connection to VPN you need:

  • find a GlobalProtect icon in the system tray,
  • right-click on the icon and select the Disconnect option.