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Besides computing resources WCSS offers a set of scientific applications. Applications may be used on our resources or, in some cases, installed by a user on his own computer.

Scientific software list
Abaqus ABINIT ADF Amber ANSYSANSYS CFD:  Fluent, CFX, ICEM; Mechanical ] AutoDock BAGEL Beast BioviaMaterials Studio, Discovery Studio ] Cfour Comsol CP2K CPMD CRYSTAL Dalton Dask DIRAC FDS-SMV GAMESS Gaussian Gromacs IDL LumericalFDTD, MODE ] Mathcad Mathematica Matlab Molcas Molden Molpro MOPAC NAMD NBO NWChem OpenFOAM OpenMolcas Orca Quantum ESPRESSO R Rosetta SIESTA Tinker TURBOMOLE VASP VMD WIEN2k
Accelrys packages
Szablon:Lista accelrys