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Besides computing resources WCSS offers a set of scientific applications. Some of the licenses are available to any user, some should be bought or registered by users. Applications may be used on our resources or, in some cases, installed by a user on his own computer.

Scientific software list
Abaqus ABINIT ADF Amber ANSYSANSYS CFD:  Fluent, CFX, ICEM; Mechanical ] AutoDock BAGEL Beast BioviaMaterials Studio, Discovery Studio ] Cfour Comsol CP2K CPMD CRYSTAL Dalton Dask DIRAC FDS-SMV GAMESS Gaussian Gromacs IDL LumericalFDTD, MODE ] Mathcad Mathematica Matlab Molcas Molden Molpro MOPAC NAMD NBO NWChem OpenFOAM OpenMolcas Orca Quantum ESPRESSO R Rosetta SIESTA Tinker TURBOMOLE VASP VMD WIEN2k