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Server Version
Supernova R2013a
Platon-U3 R2013a

MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming.

License at WCSS

WCSS provides a research license for MATLAB R2013a for Linux systems (x86, x86_64), Mac (Intel) and Windows (Server 2008, Server 2008R2, XP SP3, Vista, 7). Please contact administrators to get access to installation pack. Package requirements are listed:

WCSS license includes additional toolboxes (with corresponding number of licenses):

  • Matlab (30)
  • Bioinformatics Toolbox (1)
  • Communications System Toolbox (5)
  • Curve Fitting Toolbox (1)
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox (1)
  • Spreadsheet Link EX (2)
  • Filter Design HDL Coder (1)
  • Fixed-Point Toolbox (1)
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox (1)
  • Global Optimization Toolbox (1)
  • Image Processing Toolbox (1)
  • Neural Network Toolbox (10)
  • Optimization Toolbox (10)
  • Signal Processing Toolbox (10)
  • DSP System Toolbox (6)
  • Simulink (30)
    • Simulink Design Optimization (1)
    • Simulink Fixed-Point (1)
  • HDL Coder, previously Simulink HDL Coder (1)
  • Matlab Coder (1)
  • Matlab Compiler (1)
  • Statistics Toolbox (1)
  • Wavelet Toolbox (1)
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox (5)
  • Distributed Computing Engine (32)

Running MATLAB on Supernova Cluster

MATLAB is available on Supernova (installation path respectively: /usr/local/matlab-VERSION).

Interactive work and GUI

To run a GUI you need to login to Supernova with X11 forwarding. Then run an interactive job (-I option) with X11 forwarding (-X option) in a convenient PBS queue, load a module to set proper environment for MATLAB, an run the application:

> ssh -X
sn> qsub -I -X -q short6h
sn> module load matlab
sn> matlab

Running batch jobs in a queue

To submit MATLAB batch job to a queue you need input files. You may prepare them working interactively on Supernova (as described above) or locally on your computer. If you prepared your input files on your computer transfer them to Supernova (using e.g. SCP or WinSCP). Then login to Supernova and submit jobs (you may use qsub or a script sub-matlab)

> scp input-file.inp
> ssh
sn> sub-matlab input-file.inp

More about qsub you'll find on this page.

Running MATLAB on your own computer

WCSS enables installing and running MATLAB on user's own computer. It requires:

  1. Configuring VPN to access license server (see instructions),
  2. Installing MATLAB in a network mode (see instructions: network installation); WCSS may provide the installation pack and required PLP code - contact administrators to get them.
  3. Configuring MATLAB to use license server at WCSS (configuration depends on your operating system, see sections below).

Installation: Windows

Follow these steps:

  • Before the installation:
    • Make sure you received the PLP code from WCSS.
    • Connect to the VPN
    • Create a new text file in any location and any name, e.g. matlab-license-wcss.txt (don't move the file after installing MATLAB); The file should contain two following lines:
SERVER 0007e905907d 27002
  • Run the installation and:
    • Provide the PLP code.
    • Point to the license file prepared in the first step.

Installation: Linux/UNIX

Follow these steps:

  • Before the installation:
    • Make sure you received the PLP code from WCSS.
    • Connect to the VPN
    • Set an environmental variable LM_LICENSE_FILE:
Shells: csh, tcsh:
> setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE ""
Shells: sh, bsh, bash, ksh, ...:
> export LM_LICENSE_FILE=""
  • Run the installation and:
    • Provide the PLP code.

You may check if your MATLAB properly connects to the license server:

> path/to/installation/directory/matlab/etc/lmstat -a -c

Running jobs remotely on Supernova

If you have MATLAB installed on your computer you may configure it to submit jobs remotely on Supernova directly from the MATLAB GUI.

To configure MATLAB follow these steps:

  • Download the [zip archive] and unzip it to one of the locations searched by MATLAB (list of these locations you may check in GUI: Environment -> Set Path),
  • Download the [zip archive] and unzip it in any location (the file Supernova.settings from the archive will be needed in the following step),
  • Click Environment -> Parallel -> Manage Cluster Profiles,
  • In the Manage Cluster Profiles window click onAdd -> Import,
  • Point to the location of the file Supernova.settings,
  • Select the option Supernova on the list Cluster Profile and click on Edit,
  • Go to SubmitFunctions section and change the 3rd parameter from default /home/tyciu to /home/username, where username is your username on Supernova,
  • Click on Done.


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